Intro to Mass Communication: Blog Question #1

What question drives your interest in media? What question(s) are you hoping you will find the answer to regarding your media world?

The question that drives my interest in media is a resounding, “What is the truth?” As I’ve grown, I’ve been exposed to a multitude of ideas and points of view, and it seems as though every outlet of news presents events in their own scope. With a scope comes in the inevitable field of view that isn’t captured within that circle.

What is left around the edges? What do these scopes leave out that are integral to true understanding of what is happening?

From what school curriculums leave out, to every fact ommited in the new editions of textbooks, to the focus that news organizations adopt when reporting.

These questions of ambiguity created by these purposeful limitations drive me to delve into the world of media. I want to expose myself to the techniques used to frame information in biased ways, the underground realms of news that the mainstream media leaves out, and the psychological aspect of our ever deepening obsession with the world of media. When one masters these techniques they can escape the pre-made mold of knowledge enforced to optimize citizen submission and reduce backlash.

Why are we ever obsessed with media? Does it harm our essence of human being? Is it inescapable that we would eventually come to this point of digital interaction? How does digital media obsession drive political and global forces?

The search for unfiltered knowledge drives my interest in media.

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