Why President-Elect Trump’s Foreign Policy Scares Me

So far, it appears as though Donald Trump’s foreign policy will break the habits that the modern United. This post will detail one of my biggest concerns about the direction of Trump’s foreign policy, or what little of it he has actually specified.

In the days since his election, Donald Trump has shocked the world with his movements on the international scale. He accepted a phone call of congratulations from Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen, insulting the Chinese who view Taiwan as a renegade province. Since 1979, the United States has agreed with China and has viewed Taiwan as a part of China, not a sovereign nation.

Furthermore, he relationship between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin has been nothing less than sketchy throughout the campaign. With wishy-washy descriptions of their relationship, meetings, and an open support of Trump from Putin, the world has witnessed an unexpected friendship form between the two super powers who have been at odds for over half a century.

Recently, the CIA released a statement claiming that Russian hackers had infiltrated various parts of the election in favor of Donald Trump, calling into question the integrity and stability of US democracy and the presidential election. Alt-right republicans seem to be supporting Trump no matter what, even if that means brushing off the possible involvement of Russia in his victory. This is ironic considering that for years Republicans had been the biggest critiques of Vladimir Putin.

On top of that, Putin has been an adamant backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a tyrant who has committed numerous human rights abuses against his own people in the name of maintaining his power. This is what scares me so much about the foreign policy of Trump, who says the way to defeat the Islamic State is to back Assad and help him regain power in Syria. In Trump’s words, “My attitude was you’re fighting Syria, Syria is fighting ISIS, and you have to get rid of ISIS.”

One only has to look at Assad’s opinion of a Trump Presidency, which he is looking forward to. In a interview on Portuguese television, Assad says that he and Trump can be natural allies.

“We always say we wish for the United States to be nonpartisan and to respect international law and not interfere in other countries in the world and, of course, to stop supporting terrorists in Syria.” These are the words of Assad, who calls the people rebelling against his tyranny terrorists, and in condensed words, basically says he always wishes the United States to stay out of and ignore human rights abuses. This is not a claim that the United States is innocent in the department of human rights abuses and war crimes, but how is the leader of the free world to support someone like Assad?

This will create even more hatred for the United States and the western world. Furthermore, focusing on helping Assad has recently shown to help ISIS, which was able to capture a Russian base in Palmyra while Russia and Assad were focusing on taking control of Aleppo. Because of this, the failing ISIS can possibly make a significant comeback.


The sheer ignorance, volatility, and pride of Donald Trump has so far proven him to be an embarrassing figure of foreign policy, and we can only suspect as much during his presidency.


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