Reflection for 9/24/2015



As one of the assignments for the Becoming Globally Engaged class, students are expected to respond to reflection prompts on a weekly basis. Here is the prompt and my response for the week of Sep 24, 2015.

After spending some time looking closely at different study abroad possibilities, what do you want to do and why? Has your mind changed since you applied for this program? How and why (or why not)?

After attending the Study Abroad 101 session and looking at descriptions of each opportunity, I’m very interested in the Journey to Africa- Tanzania program because of the great opportunities it has for nature and conservation exploration mixed with international studies. The courses they offer seem very interesting as well as applicable to my major, right now being international studies with a minor in biology. It would give me an opportunity to earn credits for my major in an extremely interesting and beautiful environment.

I’m also attracted to the fact that it is a Journey Program, so there are no language requirements. I haven’t begun taking a language course at OU, nor have I decided what language I want to study! So the chance to study abroad and get a taste for foreign experience while not struggling to function is extremely appealing. I feel like this program will be a good time to become accustomed to the traveling process and being over seas before I dare to do something as bold as a whole semester or year.

Since I’ve applied for the Global Engagement Program, my mind has definitely changed in terms of where I was thinking about going. When applying, I hadn’t exactly had Africa in mind when thinking about a place to travel. I was mostly bent on Eastern Europe and the middle eastern countries, and yet exposure to new opportunities and hearing exactly what OU has to offer has changed my mind, and now I’m ecstatic to have the chance to essentially study both my major and minor at the same time!

I would also like to mention that the education on the many scholarship chances for studying abroad has definitely made the whole process a lot less daunting, and that has opened my mind to new places of travel.

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